Gynecology is a field of medicine devoted to helping women stay physically and emotionally healthy.

Gynecological Care

Throughout a woman’s lifetime, gynecologic care includes services such as:

  • Preventive health care with well-woman exams and Pap smears
  • Family planning that includes birth control and basic infertility evaluations
  • Menopause management with hormone replacement and natural therapies
  • Screenings and wellness education to prevent disease
  • Diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound, bone scans, and colposcopy
  • Comprehensive care, including nutrition, exercise, and medication management

The team at BH OBGYN provides the full range of treatments for gynecologic problems, including offering their expertise in minimally invasive surgery. They also remind you about routine screenings such as mammograms and monitor you for chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Woman talking with female Gynecologist | Gynecology