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We offer several procedures that address common concerns and can provide long-lasting aesthetic and comfort solutions. Many of the options involve removing excess tissue/skin to create a more appealing look.

Safe & Effective Vaginal
Laser Therapy

Safe & Effective Vaginal Laser Therapy

The MonaLisa Touch laser was specifically designed to treat various symptoms of vaginal atrophy such as dryness, itching, burning, and pain. This is known as the Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM), and commonly affects postmenopausal women, as well as those that who undergo chemically induced menopause from the treatment of breast cancer or other cancers. Mona Lisa Touch can also help with recurrent vaginal or urinary tract infections, as well as mild urinary incontinence.

The MonaLisa Touch therapy uses a unique vaginal probe to deliver a gentle fractional CO2 laser energy to the vaginal wall tissue. The laser energy targets the atrophic vaginal mucosa by stimulating a metabolic reaction and neocollagenesis. This results in increased vascularization, elastin, and collagen which means increased moisture and lubrication in the vagina, as well as more elasticity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions

MonaLisa Touch is a laser that delivers controlled energy to revitalize the cells in the vaginal tissue so that these cells make more blood vessels, elastin and collagen. The treatment can help with vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, itching, urinary incontinence, and some of the other painful symptoms of menopause.

MonaLisa Touch is particularly well-suited for women who cannot, or prefer not, to receive estrogen therapy because it is a non-hormonal treatment. This makes it a great option for women who have suffered from breast cancer to reclaim their intimate wellness. It is also a good option to work in conjunction with more traditional hormonal replacement treatment to optimize vaginal health.

The procedure is virtually painless. Some women report slight localized discomfort for a few days following the laser treatment, but say it is minimal. Sexual activity should be restricted for approximately 5 days after treatment. No time off work is necessary, and most women almost immediately resume their normal routine.

Patients typically receive three treatments, spaced six weeks apart. Each treatment takes less than ten minutes to perform. Most patients feel improvement after the first session, although three treatments spaced over a 12-week period is usually recommended for optimal effect. Some patients choose to continue with laser treatments on an annual basis to maintain their results.

For any women who want to prevent or treat the vaginal symptoms due to estrogenic decrease (in menopause, after a childbirth or after a cancer treatment). Most common symptoms include: vaginal dryness, laxity, burning, pain during sexual intercourse and mild urinary incontinence. MonaLisa Touch is the ideal treatment for those who are looking for a less invasive procedure, compared to traditional surgical or pharmaceutical treatments.

Depending on the laser procedure, your doctor may recommend you refrain from sexual activity for approximately 5 days. Generally, patients can return to normal activities afterward.